KAITAI CAPITAL is a professional venture capital providing innovation investment, industrial investment and wealth management services. We focus on investment in the field of healthcare, cultural entertainment, consumption, financial services, life sciences, artificial intelligence, cloud services, network services, network security and etc. The asset under management of KAITAI CAPITAL has reached 50 billion RMB currently.


China Gemstone Capital (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a leading private equity investment firm in China's pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.  Gemstone Capital specializes in Venture Capital, M&A, Fundraising, Financial Advisory to provide diversified clients with a broad range of financial services. So far Gemstone Capital has signed over 20 billion buyout funds and has about 1 billion VC funds under management. With abundant resources,  Gemstone Capital has undertaken over 400 due diligence cases and has formed a long-term partnership with over 1000 companies.