Jiangsu Atom Bioscience & Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Atom Bioscience) 


 Atom Bioscience was founded in 2012. It has mainly focused on the new drug discovery and development on treatment of metabolic disease and cancers. The executive team is primarily from the US and has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Atom Bioscience develops several pipelines. Among them, a novel compound ABP-671 for gout treatment showed a great inhibition of human renal urate transporter 1(hURAT1), whose function is to control the re-absorption of uric acid by the kidneys. ABP-671 is about 600 times more potent in vitro than Lesinurad. It is currently under phase 1clinical trials in the US. ABP-671 has shown superior reductions in serum uric acid in the recent first human study, which is significantly much better than all market gout drugs. The efficacy of ABP-671 at dose of 0.5 mg/day may be comparable to benzbromarone at dose of 80 mg/day. ABP-671 also showed great safety profiles in its pre-clinical safety studies both in vitro and animal (monkeys, rats, and mice). Its MTD is over 2000 mg/kg and the NOAEL is 500 mg/kg/day. ABP-671 is expected to enter phase 2 trials in Q1 of 2020 in the US and China. ABP-671 may replace the current uricosuric agents to be the most potent and safe drug for treatment of gout and other hyperuricemia related diseases worldwide. 

Atom Bioscience also dedicates to development of novel drugs to treat NASH, gastric and colon cancers, etc. The novel compounds ABP-6016 and ABP-431 are currently under pre-clinical development for NASH and gastric cancer, respectively. Both will enter clinical trials in the US or China in 2020.

Atom Bioscience has completed over $12 million (USD) financing at Round Angel, A and A+. Investors are KaiTai Capital, YouChoose Capital, Ch-gemstone Capital, etc.  Round B financing targeting $20-23 million (USD) will be completed soon.